What Has Reiki Done For Me?

(Originally published February 17, 2014, but just today this same question came up in a Reiki discussion group.)

Sometimes people sort of sneer at anything that seems to be outside the mainstream, when it comes to medicine or healing. One of the first questions I get asked is, “So, does this work?  Have you SEEN it work?”  In my case, the answer to both questions is, “Yes!”reiki scanning

My first exposure to Reiki was when I had an accident and broke three ribs, along with the radius bone of my right arm. There was a nurse who helped me to relax and go to sleep, without drugs, using Reiki.

Years ago, I dislocated my shoulder during a judo workout. The shoulder healed, but as I got older, I began to experience problems with the shoulder: pain, limited range of motion, etc. (I couldn’t put a belt through my belt loops in the back. I couldn’t put on a jacket or long-sleeved shirt without assistance.) I went to an orthopedic surgeon about it, and he said it was a rotator cuff injury.  At first he tried cortisone shots. This gave me some temporary relief, but did not fix anything permanently. He gave me a list of flexibility and strengthening exercises to do, along with some elastic bands to do them. I’ll be honest–I was a terrible patient, and although I was supposed to do the exercises daily, I might do them once a week, and often not even then. So the pain and limited range of motion stayed with me. But during my first Reiki class, my teacher treated me with Reiki and within minutes the shoulder was less painful and freer to move. Over the next day or so, the pain totally left and I regained full range of motion (after a second and third Reiki treatment.) Today, that shoulder works just fine, and unless I stress it unnecessarily (hey, I am in my late 50s!), it is pain free.

Along with these problems, I was taking a lot analgesics. Along with the occasional percocet and/or muscle relaxer, I had been taking ibuprofen or other NSAID drugs, two or three times each day. Although I don’t abandon everyday medicine, since I have started Reiki, and since I now do self-Reiki for a few minutes each day, I might take ibuprofen or the equivalent once or twice each month. That’s a big change: from minimally 120 capsules per month, to 2 to 4 capsules in a month. And I don’t have to take the stronger stuff any more at all.

Common ailments such as minor headaches, stomach upsets, etc., I now treat with Reiki instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet. (I have to say, I sometimes have trouble remembering to “Reiki first” and my wife often reminds me, “Did you do Reiki yet?” if I complain of some pain or other. Shamefaced, I usually shook my head “No” but I am remembering more often now.

Lastly, my blood pressure. I have been on blood pressure medicine for about a year now. A lot of guys with my build, and at my age, are doing that. But I have been able to reduce the amount of medication I take for hypertension by 50%, only taking a half-dose each day, and maintain a healthy blood pressure. Again, I attribute this to self-Reiki, since I have not made a lot of other changes that would impact my blood pressure.

(UPDATE 1/15/15:  I now only take my blood pressure medicine to treat “flare ups” instead of every day–maybe once a month, if that often.)

Reiki works.

It would be silly for me to say that, and then be the kind of person who takes drugs all the time, who complains of lots of aches and pains. How much credibility would an obese person have, leading a class on how to lose weight? How credible would that be? But that’s not how it is.

Since I began my practice of Reiki, my health has improved. And yes, I have treated other people with Reiki. But what I have written here is not about what Reiki has done for others–it’s about how it has helped me, the difference it has made in my health and well-being. I can’t really speak for those other people, but I know what it has done for me.

Maybe Reiki could help you, too. No guarantees, ever. Even your regular physician won’t give you a guarantee. But I can say this: there are NO bad effects of Reiki. No one has ever overdosed on Reiki, or had a bad reaction to Reiki. Reiki won’t mess up your liver like acetaminophen. Reiki won’t aggravate your stomach lining like aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen. You can’t get addicted to Reiki. (Well, maybe you can fall in love with the relaxed feeling it gives you, but that’s not the same thing!)

If you have problems with pain or your health in general, I encourage you to find a Reiki practitioner to work with you. It may be a local practitioner, or failing that, a Reiki practitioner who will perform distant Reiki therapy. (I do that for some people, quite often.) Reiki is not limited by distance.

What do you have to lose, other than pain?


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