Balancing the Chakras – Sacral Chakra, or Swadisthana

(Originally published on June 13, 2014)


With the sacral chakra, we’re getting a bit above the pure survival focus of the base chakra.  With the sacral chakra, the focus is more upon intimacy, creativity and creation, although in a sexual sense this also means survival–as in “survival of the species.”  So, while the base chakra is all about “I need!”, the sacral chakra is more about “I want.”

The sacral chakra is located just below the navel, in the area that in Japan is called the tanden (Chinese, Dan Tian). The color associated with the sacral chakra is orange. Its symbol is water, so physically it holds sway over the liquid components of the body: blood, urine, saliva, digestive juices, and so forth.  The sacral chakra influences the sexuality of the individual, and the entirety of the lower abdomen’s physical functions: lower digestion, kidneys, ovaries, testes, and so on.

Because of its influence on this area, it also may have an impact (for good or ill) on such things as sexual dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, urinary tract infections, menopause, prostate cancer, and other problems of the lower abdomen.

Looking back to the idea of the sacral chakra’s connection to water, it’s important to remember that this chakra influences our flexibility with new situations, our abliity to “go with the flow.”  An imbalance here can cause angst when confronting new situations or changes in an existing situation, or may result in problems with intimacy, shyness, or blocked creativity.  An over-energetic sacral chakra may influence the individual to be flighty and changeable in the extreme, or may influence those desires for intimacy to be changed to shallow feelings of lust or feeling that sexual overtures are the only way to achieve intimacy.

The sacral chakra is important to our desires for intimacy, abundance, and creativity.  Look at how this differs from the base chakra:

*** Base: I need SEX, SEX, SEX or I will die!!

*** Sacral: I want to feel love and affection.

*** Base: I need enough food (money, shelter, etc.) to survive.

*** Sacral: I want enough food and other resources to be comfortable and secure.

*** Base: I need to create enough for myself so I can survive.

*** Sacral: I want to create so I can share what I have created with others.

Drinking plenty of healthy liquids (pure water, fruit juices, vegetable juices) is very good for helping to keep the sacral chakra in balance. As might be thought, the color orange will positively influence the sacral chakra, as will the sight and/or sound of flowing water.  Keeping a little desk waterfall may help with creativity, for example.  Listening to smoothly flowing music with water sounds integrated into it will also help.  And just as with the root chakra, there are exercises, yoga poses, crystals, and other things that can help keep your sacral chakra in balance.  (Self-Reiki is a AWESOME way to keep all your chakras clear and balanced!)

Here is a YouTube video (a little over six minutes) that may help to balance your sacral chakra if you use it during your meditation time:  Swadisthana Balance Meditation.

And as always, if you feel you may need help with your chakras–clearing, cleansing, or balancing–you can always contact us at Hillside Holistic Health.


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