Grounding – what is it and how does it help you?

Often we energy workers (Reiki, Chios, acupuncturists, etc.) use terms that make plenty of sense to us, but we use them casually and sometimes puzzle those with whom we are talking. Just last week I was treating a client with Reiki, and as I felt some problems with her Base and Root chakras, I suggested a couple of techniques that could help her to be “grounded.” In about a minute she asked me, “What does that mean?”

I was involved in the sensing and channeling of energy at the time, and honestly, I didn’t give her a very complete answer. This week I began to think about the term, and how to better relate it to my clients.

Earlier in my life, I worked in the fields of electricity and electronics. I was a Navy Electronics Technician, a field engineer for a couple of companies, and I taught electricity and electronics at a community college and in a vocational high school. So, I have a rather technical background related to energy, and often this helps me to understand things about energy healing.

In electrical circuits, you need a complete path for current to flow. Let’s say I have a simple circuit that consists of a battery, a lightbulb, and connecting wires.

circuit 1

As this circuit is set up, the light bulb should glow, if the battery is sufficient to power it. Electrons flow from the negative pole of the battery, down the wire, through the bulb, and back to the battery through its positive pole.

If the circuit path is broken, the light bulb will go out. If the circuit path is not so good (the bulb is loose in the socket, the contacts are dirty, etc.) the bulb may flicker or be dimmer than it should. In a real world application, such as a car or other large piece of equipment, often one part of the path for current is actually the metal that comprises the shell of the equipment. The chassis or body of the equipment is then called the “ground”.  A car horn, for example, may have its metallic body connected to the chassis, and a single wire carrying current to the horn. So when the horn button is pushed, current flows through the wire to the horn, and through the metal chassis of the car (the ground) back to the battery.

Why the lecture on basic electricity? Well, the bioenergy that our bodies runs on is a form of electricity, for one thing. And not only that, but the energy that flows through and around us (called Ki by the Japanese, Qi by the Chinese, and other names in other cultures), from and to the Universe, is very much like electricity.

Each of us functions optimally when that wonderful universal energy is flowing smoothly and cleanly through us. Different things can inhibit that flow: unbalanced chakras, ill health, unhealthy emotions, and so forth. If we are not sufficiently “grounded” (i.e., connected to God/Source/the Universe) then that energy will not flow through as easily and fully as it should.

Being poorly grounded has a number of indicators. Some are mental or emotional. Some are physical. Some examples are:


  • Unfounded anxiety or worry
  • Being nervous without good reason
  • Feeling “spacey” or disconnected from reality
  • Feeling as though you are “losing control” of your life


  • Being clumsier than usual
  • Problems with the lower digestive/excretory system
  • Problems with the legs
  • Lower than usual libido

Of course, as the body (both physical and energetic) is a system and not a set of disconnected parts, a problem with grounding will affect the entirety of that system. If your car battery terminals are dirty or loose, it is not just a problem for your headlights: it is a problem for starting the car, for operating the radio, and for anything else that involves that electricity. So, having a bad connection to the universal energy that is all around us will have a definite effect on the entirety of your health, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Grounding is an important part of all aspects of your personal health.

So, how do I stay grounded?

Good question! There are a number of things you can do to help yourself stay grounded. Some of them may seem perfectly logical. Others… well, they may seem a bit odd, but they will help.

Meditation – Specifically, meditating while there is some sort of deep, low-frequency sound in the background. Slow bass drums. A low-frequency hum. Deep-voiced singing or chanting. And if you meditate with your eyes open, try doing it while you are viewing a wall or surface that is a deep, vibrant red or perhaps dark brown.

Link to some good YouTube grounding music

Earthing – This is something that has been discussed a great deal in the last few years, and has proven to be effective for many people. Simply put, it means putting your bare skin in sustained contact with the Earth. A long walk barefoot. Taking a nap while lying on the ground. Anything that puts you in skin-to-Earth contact for twenty to thirty minutes at a time will help to reestablish that contact with the Earth that helps the flow of energy.

Dr. Andrew Weil on Earthing

Music – Getting back to that strong bass music you might listen to while meditating, it is also a good idea to listen to it at other times: while driving, while cleaning house, while jogging, etc. It doesn’t have to be while meditating.

Aromatherapy – While not everyone likes certain scents, there are some that are especially good for helping to establish grounding. Sandalwood can be in an oil or in incense form. Patchouli and cedarwood may be found as incense, but more often I have seen them available as essential oils.

Dietary – Odd as it may seem, certain foods are reported to help with helping us to stay grounded. Root vegetables comprise the majority of these foods: potatoes, carrots, radishes, beets, garlic, and onions are a few of them. Also, quality proteins such as eggs and nuts can be helpful.

Energy work – Reiki, Chios, and other forms of energy healing have techniques that are specifically intended for helping an individual to be as grounded as they can be. If you have a Reiki or other energy healer who works with you, ask them about helping you to be more grounded.

Being well-grounded can help all of us to have better physical, emotional, and mental health. And if you feel like you are not as grounded as you ought to be, maybe some of the tips and other resources I’ve given you here will help.


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