Reiki and Weight Loss — My Own Experiences

Reiki and Weight Loss — My Own Experiences

Please note the disclaimer in the title: the only thing in this post to which I can swear, is my own experience with weight loss and Reiki.

About 2 years ago, I decided to try something to help reform my shape.  I’ve always been a little heavier than I like–it’s pretty much genetic, having inherited my body shape from my mother’s side of the family (along with the male pattern baldness… *sigh*.)

But I had gotten TOO much heavier, and my jeans had gotten TOO large.  I had arrived at the weight of 240-plus, at 6′ tall, and was comfortable in size 42 jeans.  No, no… that’s not something I wanted to face.

So, being the confirmed Reiki practitioner that I am, I figured that it could not hurt at all to try and use Reiki to help me lose some of these inches and pounds.  (Years ago, when I was in the Navy, I was much more active and fit… but I was also a lot younger.)

I began a concerted practice of two regimens:

1. I started doing self-Reiki every day.  Normally, when I was about to go to sleep at night, I would close my eyes and give myself Reiki to clear myself of negativity and balance my energies. Sure, I missed a few days, but it was pretty regular.

2. I administered Reiki to every meal.  Of course, I always give thanks for my food, but I also (as my wife puts it) “Reiki-fied” the food.  The intention I put behind this Reiki was this: “May this food and drink be cleansed of all negative properties, may it be nutritious and add only to our good health and well-being.”  Very simple, really, to add this Reiki intention along with my thanks for the food and drink.

At first, I didn’t really notice things.  There was not a dramatic dropoff in my weight or anything like that.  (Who wants to give themselves the same problem as the protagonist in Stephen King’s novel “Thinner” anyway?)  BUT…

baggy jeansAfter a few weeks I did begin to notice that my jeans were getting a little looser in the waist.  And in about six months or so, I had to start tightening my belts to the last notch, or my pants would begin sliding off my butt, making me look like a middle-aged white guy trying to be a gangsta, and failing miserably.  In fact, it sort of looked like I didn’t HAVE a butt.

I had to buy some smaller jeans… size 40s this time… and got a couple of new belts, while punching some new holes in a couple others.  This was good… although I had not yet connected it with the Reiki.  Maybe I didn’t want to believe it was the Reiki.  Sometimes humans are like that: they ask God or the Universe for something to happen and when it does, they want to doubt that it’s really happening.

Eventually, even the 40s started sliding down my backside, and I had to get some 38s.  But… wonder of wonders… I found some slacks in the back of my closet that I had abandoned a few years back because “they shrank” *AHEM* and amazingly enough, they now fit!

Now… do I credit the Reiki with this?  YES… I certainly do.  And here’s why.

1.  I did NOT increase my level of physical activity.  Since we are building a house and live on a rural property that requires a good bit of outside stuff like mowing, etc., I obviously had that stuff going on.  But I did not start jogging, or walking, or anything like that. In fact, I probably was doing less of that sort of activity than I was before.

2.  I did not change my eating habits. My wife Lara is a pretty health-conscious lady anyway, and we have always eaten organic whenever possible, about 95% of the breads and such we eat are whole grain, we drink almond milk instead of dairy milk, and so forth.  But I still have two or three cookies after a meal, I still eat buttermilk cornbread, and I still drink sweet tea about half the time.  I still eat cheese and eggs and chicken and ham and real butter.  So, I didn’t suddenly start dieting.

Oh… and my weight has gone from 240-plus, to hovering between 212 and 215, with occasional dips below 210.

So, it’s not a lifestyle change really–unless you count the idea of cleansing and “healing” my food and drink with Reiki, and giving myself self-Reiki every day, a lifestyle change.

I’m continuing to lose weight… slowly, deliberately… and I’m good with that.  I’d love to get down to a 36 waist size, even if it means buying new slacks and jeans, but I’m patient about it.  I’m good with the idea of losing weight gradually and without having to make a big lifestyle change… without having to drink nasty diet milkshakes… without needing surgery… without buying a gym membership and having some 20-something bodybuilder harangue me about “10 more minutes on that Stairmaster!

Reiki is natural.  It’s something I can do for myself… it’s something anyone can do for themselves, once they are attuned. It’s not something I have to keep going out and buying, like Slimfast or Hydroxycut.  And it’s not some sort of weight loss group where I have to buy special food packets that are shipped to me, at exorbitant prices.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, and feel like you have a weight issue, maybe you would like to try the same sort of thing.  Adapt the intention, if you like, to suit your own tastes and feelings. And let me know how it works for you!

If you are NOT an attuned Reiki practitioner, maybe you could think about becoming one… or failing that, you might be able to attain similar results with regular Reiki treatments.  I have no idea, but it could be worth a try.

What… or rather, HOW MUCH… do you have to lose?


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