Wow… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog.  I can make some excuses, of course, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you feel they are valid.

But never mind that. I have been working hard on getting my EFT certifications, Levels 1 and 2, and using the EFT/tapping to work on my own issues as well as issues for others.  I have found that I really love tapping!

It’s a great addition to my other energy work (Reiki and Chios), as it is also a form of energy work. But EFT is applied directly to the ends of the body’s energy meridians (acupoints) while verbally working on our mental, emotional, and physical issues. EFT is related to acupuncture and acupressure, but it doesn’t use needles. Reiki, Chios, and EFT work very well together as an integrated form of energy therapy.

It’s no secret that our emotions and thoughts affect how we feel.  How often have you (or perhaps someone you know) felt queasy at the approach of an important event such as a big exam, a court date, or a wedding? When I was younger, I knew one person who would throw up before every major school exam, and taking the college entrance exams put her in bed for three or four days.

But we can affect our mental and emotional states, and thus the energy in our bodies, by tapping on the acupoints while telling ourselves… our SELVES… the things we need to hear.

Think about this: EMOTION equals ENERGY IN MOTION. The emotions in our minds can cause issues for our energy flow, and that disruption in our energy flow impacts our health. Chinese and other Oriental medical practitioners have known this for centuries, but Western medicine has only begun to recognize these facts in recent years.

These issues have been especially evident in those who suffer from PTSD, whether from combat-related stress, a catastrophic event such as accident, or anything that causes the body to hit “stress overload.”

Physical problems that seem to have no connection to our emotions and thoughts have been successfully treated with EFT: menopausal hot flashes, chronic back pain, diabetes, hypertension, and other issues.  Further, mental-physical issues like addictions and cravings can be conquered through the use of EFT.

Tapping has also been found to be a very effective performance enhancer. Not an illegal enhancer like anabolic steroids or HGH (human growth hormone)Rather, EFT helps improve performance by helping to balance the energy in our body through dealing with thoughts and emotions that (knowingly or unknowingly) limit us.

EFT/tapping has been used to help with sports performance: aiding in improving golf scores, getting rid of rodeo performance fears, basketball teamwork, diving fears, and other hindrances to best performance. And not only with physical activities such as sports– EFT has helped salespersons achieve their very best and executives to rise to their full potential.

One other beautiful thing about EFT is that you don’t have to be physically present with the practitioner!  An EFT session can take place over the phone or over a computer video connection such as Skype, and still be just as effective.

If you have been struggling with some sort of limiting belief, fear, craving/addiction, or other issue, why not give EFT/tapping a chance to help?  If you don’t know of anyone close to you, who is an EFT practitioner, email me!  I’ll be happy to arrange a session with you in person, or via Skype or over the phone.  What is the risk, after all? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Anthony Burton is a trained and certified Reiki Master and EFT Practitioner who lives in NW Georgia, USA. You may contact him via email or through his website.



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